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The project that is being fundraised for is the placement of additional classroom floors and classroom electricity at Aguthi Primary School. This project will continue to address the current lack of floors and lighting at the school. The remaining dirt floors will be replaced inside the existing classrooms as a continuation of previous and ongoing DWC projects at the school. Dirt floors are subject to moisture and parasites, both detrimental to the children. Electricity will be installed in the classroom to provide adequate lighting and power for existing computers. This will lead to access to good learning facilities in rural Kenya. This project at Aguthi Primary School will provide and create a safer and cleaner environment for the students, in turn, creating a positive learning environment.
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My name is Ismar Uzicanin. I am originally from Former Yugoslavia (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina) but grew up mostly in the United States in the New York/New Jersey area. I now live with my wife Kelsey, our two dogs Milo and Forest as well as a cat and four horses just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are starting a small scale farming and ranching operation that we hope to turn into a full fledged community supported agriculture farm. Though we live at ~7000 ft (2150m) and have an impressive seasonal monsoon season with regular rainfall during the summer months and reasonably snowy winters, the rest of the year can be quite arid. We have therefore begun to incorporate rainwater harvesting systems and bio-integrative techniques into the functioning of our property. I hope to learn more about rainwater harvesting systems during our time together in Kenya. I was first introduced to the well-oiled machine of DWC Team Leader, Ray Fowell's trips in 2011 in some group work outside of New Delhi, India. I've also previously done work with H4H in Ethiopia in 2009. I am so looking forward to working with Ray again, meeting this group, and making the most of our shared Kenya experience.
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I was fairly certain after last year's trip that it was my last. 10 years felt like a nice number to end on. Well it is February, and I have booked my ticket. I was hesitant to post about my fundraising for an eleventh time after all the years of support from friends, family and co-workers, but was encouraged to do so by exactly those people. I have said it before and I will say it again - the support means everything to me especially with all the worthy causes out there. For a second year, we are partnering with a vey special facility - The Navajeevana Rehabilitation Centre - who's community out reach programs have helped us land on some some very meaningful projects for this year's trip. We will be working on two homes of families living with differing forms of disability / exceptionality as well as finishing another room at the Canadapura Children's Home. Throw in all of our educational support and we have a lot of people to help out. As many of you know, as co-leader of the trip, my costs are covered by the organization - one of the few permanent expenses they have. I for one feel it is important to minimize those costs through fundraising, so money can be diverted elsewhere. With little overhead, I can honestly say I know where each dollar raised goes. And no amount is too small.
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Hey everyone, I know I said I had committed to 3 years for my volunteer trips to Sri Lanka but here I am on my 4th trip! I think I am hooked. Last year held the moment for me, not to say the previous years were not rewarding. We built a home for a family where the two children have Muscular Dystrophy. One has been affected and is in a wheelchair and the other is still physically able (fortunately) Their parents are warm and caring people. The father collects tires along the side of the road to repair and resell and the mother collects garbage. Due to flooding near their shack, all of their belongings and their home were washed away. I cannot even imagine the despair that these two wonderful parents must have felt at that time. To provide them with a wheelchair accessible home with a wheelchair accessible washroom was my moment. My moment where I felt that we can make a difference in people's lives. I thank you all for your donations.
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Hi! My name is Jacqueline and this will be my second trip with Developing World Connections. I’ll be travelling to Tangalle, Sri Lanka with an amazing team, for two weeks, to help renovate and update Navajeevana—a school for physically and mentally challenged youth. This project will improve the lives of both the children and the staff, who strive to integrate the children back into their communities as functioning members of society. The team will be mixing concrete, hauling bricks and whatever other manual labour is required for the construction project. No specialized skills are required, so anyone is welcome to sign up and help out - jus sayin! My goal is to raise $2500 dollars for this project. No donation is too small! Supporters that contribute $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. And 100% of your donation goes to project - there are no fundraising fees! I can’t even describe how much your donations will do, and how much they will help. It will be a life-changing two weeks for many Canadians and Sri Lankans, and I promise to work hard. Thank you!
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Our little family is going on the trip of a lifetime. In April 2019 the three of us will be travelling to Tangalle, Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. We would love some help from our families, friends, and communities to help renovate and update Navajeevana—a school for physically and mentally challenged youth. Our work will improve the lives of both the children and the staff at this amazing organization which strives to integrate the children back into their communities as functioning members of their society. Our goal is to raise around $4000 dollars to fund this project. We are hoping to help purchase building supplies and tools which are sorely needed to make this project a success. No donation is too small. Supporters that contribute $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. We will be blogging on our trip so you can see how your donation is making a real difference to the lives of these people. We know we cannot change the world—but we can change the world of these people and make their lives a little better. Thank you for your help.
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In Guatemala more than half of families rely on open fires to cook. This causes the smoke to fill their homes and results in severe health problems. DWC's Light Up Guatemala program will put 5,000 eco-stoves in the homes of families living in poverty throughout Guatemala. The stove filters and channels smoke outside the home. As a result, women and children are no longer exposed to polluted air for long periods of time.
Tanja will be traveling to Nepal to lead a volunteer team with a common vision - to act on the need for safer, permanent homes for impoverished families in Nepal. She'll be working with DWC's local partner to build a home for a family, chosen based upon their level of financial need and circumstances. Teams of volunteers fundraise for construction materials and other project costs and then travel to build alongside the family and their community. All supporters who contribute $20 or more will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes.
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A journey from Victoria to Halifax spans 8000km across Canada. John Greven is ready to cover this ground on a bicycle. He’ll be pedalling his way across Canada this spring in support of Developing World Connections' “Light Up Guatemala” program. Donate here to support Grandpa John! The funds will help youth from the Port Nelson United Church build stoves in Guatemala in the spring of 2019.
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