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Please support the volunteers and donors working with Developing World Connections. All donations over $20 get tax receipts. All donors know they are helping great projects and great people.

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

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Tanja will be traveling to Nepal to lead a volunteer team with a common vision - to act on the need for safer, permanent homes for impoverished families in Nepal. She'll be working with DWC's local partner to build a home for a family, chosen based upon their level of financial need and circumstances. Teams of volunteers fundraise for construction materials and other project costs and then travel to build alongside the family and their community. All supporters who contribute $20 or more will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes.
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You can support Timbermart’s efforts to make a difference in the developing world. A corporate team will travel to Guatemala in November 2018 to install eco stoves into the homes of families living in poverty. Forest land in Guatemala is disappearing. The search for firewood and the need for large amounts for cooking and heat is resulting in major losses. Cooking indoors over open fires fills their homes with smoke and results in severe health problems.
In Guatemala more than half of families rely on open fires to cook. This causes the smoke to fill their homes and results in severe health problems. DWC's Light Up Guatemala program will put 5,000 eco-stoves in the homes of families living in poverty throughout Guatemala. The stove filters and channels smoke outside the home. As a result, women and children are no longer exposed to polluted air for long periods of time.
Support Hailey’s service work overseas. She’ll be improving the environment, water access and education resources in Naro Moru, Kenya.
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DWC Team Leader Douglas Hickey will be leading a volunteer trip to Kenya in July 2018 with his family. The team will assist a remote community by collecting and harvesting rooftop rainwater for a local primary school in Naro Moru, Kenya. Funds raised will be used to purchase materials for this project and assist Douglas and his family to make this a reality. This project will have a life-changing effect in improving time in class and the overall health of children and the community. Help us make it happen! Supporters who contribute $20 or more will be issued a tax receipt.
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DWC Team Leader Jessica MacNeil will be leading a university volunteer trip to Nicaragua in August 2018. The team will assist a remote community by supplying and building a greenhouse and latrine in Los Pinares, Nicaragua. Funds raised will be used to purchase materials for these projects that are part of a long-term commitment to help improve community members’ lives and increase their self-sufficiency. These projects will have a near immediate effect in improving food security and health. Help us make it happen!
Jessica and Darby will be traveling to Nepal with DWC in November, 2018. They'll be working with like-minded volunteers who want to give a struggling family a hand up not a hand out. The plan is to build a small home for Nauni, a 34 year old single mother with a daughter and son. It will be a basic block house with tin roof, not much by most standards, but it offers a safe and stable environment to raise her children and will make a big difference. Your contribution will buy materials in-country and assist Jessica and Darby to make this a reality. Supporters who contribute $20 or more will be issued a tax receipt.
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Terry-Lynn Stone will be traveling as a DWC volunteer to Kenya in July 2018 and is hoping to take 200 Days For Girls kits with her. Days For Girls Canada is part of a grassroots not-for-profit creating a more dignified, humane and sustainable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health, awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene. She is asking for donations to make the kits and distribute them on her trip. Because NO girl should go without.
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I have been focused on creating and participating in projects that have a positive and lasting impact in my local community and internationally. From November 24 to December 8, 2018 I will I will be leading a team of DWC volunteers who will work to make life better for a family in Nepal. We will be building a house for a single mother who has undergone severe hardship in Dang. You can help us be a force for change. Please consider a contribution to help cover the cost of the local materials we will use to leave behind a legacy from service work. Anything over $20 is eligible for a tax receipt. - David Lyon
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A journey from Victoria to Halifax spans 8000km across Canada. John Greven is ready to cover this ground on a bicycle. He’ll be pedalling his way across Canada this spring in support of Developing World Connections' “Light Up Guatemala” program. Donate here to support Grandpa John! The funds will go directly to offsetting travel and project costs for youth from his church, Port Nelson United Church, who will travel to Guatemala in March 2019.
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