Help Ajith and his family complete their home in Sri Lanka

For five weeks in February, Jessica and Natasha, physiotherapy students from the University of British Columbia, were placed to provide treatment to the people of Tangalle at the Navajeevana Center in Sri Lanka. They saw Ajith, a stroke patient, everyday. They have since been working with DWC’s in-country partner and have initiated a local contractor to finish building Ajith's family home. Their goal is to raise $5000 that will see the completion of the second floor of Ajith’s home. Read the story that inspired these students to champion this project. With your help this family can rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.
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About the Campaign

Ajith was a TukTuk driver. He was making an honest living providing for his family and paying for their 19-year-old son and only child, Pasindu, to go to a vocational training school to become a mechanic. Ajith and his family were in the process of building a two level home before he suffered from a stroke which has affected both his left arm and leg function. His intent was to create a second source of income through housing students on the second floor. Tangalle is a town where many students from all over Sri Lanka live to go to the universities in the area.

When Ajith suffered from the stroke, the significant medical expense forced him to sell his Tuk Tuk vehicle and abandon his role as the only provider for his family. In Sri Lanka there is no accessible social net or governmental assistance to help with the financial impact. Although the first floor of their house is partially completed, the construction of the second floor and roof of the house was halted. Pasindu has dropped out of trades school to provide for the family as a Tuk Tuk driver.

With the financial restrictions, Ajith’s efforts in seeking treatment after his stroke were also limited. He unfortunately did not transition into a swift recovery. Throughout Jessica and Natasha’s five weeks at Navajeevena, Ajith was given treatment by them at no charge. Ajith’s walking ability and use of his affected hand improved and he is committed to his treatment, recovery and returning to work. He uses the facilities everyday despite not being able to afford to pay the 500 rupees ($3.00 CAD) for direct physiotherapy treatment.

These physiotherapy students are passionate to help Ajith get back on track after life knocked him down.

By completing this home, the family will be able create an income while Ajith is recovering. This will also allow Pasindu to return to trades school. A hand up means they will avoid the consequences of poverty for potentially multiple generations.

If you are able to support this project by contributing, any amount would be appreciated. If you are unable to support this cause financially, please share Ajith’s story with your friends and family and help these DWC volunteers achieve their goal.

All donors contributing $20 and above are eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt when they are issued at the beginning of 2020.