Cross Canada Grandpas, 8000 km, 4 causes, 1 ride.

A journey from Victoria to Halifax spans 8000km across Canada. John Greven is ready to cover this ground on a bicycle. He’ll be pedalling his way across Canada this spring in support of Developing World Connections' “Light Up Guatemala” program. Donate here to support Grandpa John! The funds will help youth from the Port Nelson United Church build stoves in Guatemala in the spring of 2019.
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About the Campaign

John Greven and his wife Cathy have been involved with DWC for quite some time. John and three other cyclists have spearheaded a fundraiser – Cross Country Grandpas. John is riding to give access to youth who want to participate in a DWC Trip to Guatemala in March 2019, that will be led by Cathy. The trip will include project work for Light Up Guatemala

Each rider has their own personal cause. John says he is looking at this epic ride as a bicycle trip to the store. The store is simply on the other side of the country! Just to give you an idea of the distance – it’s comparable to a DWC volunteer flying from Vancouver traveling to work in Lima, Peru!

The team of Grandpas plan to ride out of Victoria, BC on Monday, May 28th. DWC will be sharing highlights from their journey on social media.

For more information get in touch with John and check out his site