Fund education and health for kids in the jungles of Nicaragua

Support this DWC Team in their upcoming international development work in Nicaragua. They will be building a future for people who live off of hope by serving the community of San Jose del Ojoch.
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About the Campaign

For people here, the average salary of $14/month is mostly through work in the tobacco fields. There are 50 families in this area with 102 students attending the local school. These students suffer from a lack of dietary diversity leading to poor health. This school is one of few that has a kitchen, however the door is not secure, food gets stolen and their water pump has been broken by vandalism. 20 of the students are preschoolers. As the facility lacks space, the little kids learn outside or in the kitchen. Inappropriately sized toilets makes their use dangerous and unsanitary. This community lacks the financial means to maintain its school’s infrastructure. Details will be finalized in the weeks leading up to the team’s departure but plans include fixing the water pump to ensure clean water for the school, volunteer teams to build latrines at the school and other key areas of the community, and completion of upgrades to school infrastructure including security fencing, and the installation of a green house.