Hey everyone, I know I said I had committed to 3 years for my volunteer trips to Sri Lanka but here I am on my 4th trip! I think I am hooked. Last year held the moment for me, not to say the previous years were not rewarding. We built a home for a family where the two children have Muscular Dystrophy. One has been affected and is in a wheelchair and the other is still physically able (fortunately) Their parents are warm and caring people. The father collects tires along the side of the road to repair and resell and the mother collects garbage. Due to flooding near their shack, all of their belongings and their home were washed away. I cannot even imagine the despair that these two wonderful parents must have felt at that time. To provide them with a wheelchair accessible home with a wheelchair accessible washroom was my moment. My moment where I felt that we can make a difference in people's lives. I thank you all for your donations.

By dwcadmin