Help the TRIP Canada Team Rebuild Homes, Communities and Lives

Congratulations Team 15 Volunteers for Making a Difference!
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About the Campaign

Developing World Connections TRIP Canada Program

Immediately after the 2004 tsunami wreaked mass devastation on the island of Sri Lanka, DWC started the TRIP Canada program to help with rebuilding efforts.

Now we are raising money to expand an orphanage, rebuild homes for families with special needs children and create life-changing opportunities with education scholarships.

Your contribution will make a positive impact for the community we serve in Sri Lanka.

Starting June 2019, Team 15 volunteers are raising funds to build a new home for Udesh’s family. Right now they squat in a one-room tin shack with no toilet and use an outdoor fire for cooking. Twelve-year-old Udesh has a disability and needs to attend a special school. While he can move and talk, he cannot read or write He lives with his mother, 9-year-old sister and father who is crippled by rheumatology. Udesh’s mother is the mainstay of the family taking him some distance to school every day on the local bus and selling dried fish to neighbours on the weekend for their only source of income. They desperately need a new home.


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