Jacqueline Sri Lanka Fundraiser
Hi! My name is Jacqueline and this will be my second trip with Developing World Connections. I’ll be travelling to Tangalle, Sri Lanka with an amazing team, for two weeks, to help renovate and update Navajeevana—a school for physically and mentally challenged youth. This project will improve the lives of both the children and the staff, who strive to integrate the children back into their communities as functioning members of society. The team will be mixing concrete, hauling bricks and whatever other manual labour is required for the construction project. No specialized skills are required, so anyone is welcome to sign up and help out - jus sayin! My goal is to raise $2500 dollars for this project. No donation is too small! Supporters that contribute $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. And 100% of your donation goes to project - there are no fundraising fees! I can’t even describe how much your donations will do, and how much they will help. It will be a life-changing two weeks for many Canadians and Sri Lankans, and I promise to work hard. Thank you!

By dwcadmin