Hi there! We are Josh and Micaela Quibell, mother and son team headed for the biggest adventure of our lives so far! We have decided to embark on a volunteer working journey to Naro Moru, Kenya in October 2020. Through our good friend and team lead, David Lyon, we have learned about the organization Developing World Connections. This group connects with local NGO's in the countries they travel to, and ask what is needed and what are the best ways to accomplish these goals. As much as possible, they buy local materials, employ local tradespeople, and do their best not to put their own agendas ahead of the people they are meant to help. This resonates well with the Quibell team, and we are excited to work with them. The project is to improve conditions at a school for kids age 7-13, by setting up a water collection system, irrigation for a garden designed to feed the students, repairing and installing floors and walls in classrooms, and improving the bathrooms. It will be hard work, and our hope is that, in addition to making a difference in the lives of these kids who are close in age to Josh, we want to have a better understanding of the world outside of our very fortunate and protected lives in Canada. Travelling to Africa is high on both our life goal lists, and we take the joy and responsibility of service very seriously. Josh is especially looking forward to meeting kids his age and playing soccer with them on his down time, and Micaela is eager to find some local musicians to learn from, perhaps on a completely new instrument! We thank you in advance for helping us reach our epic goal in fundraising for this adventure.

By DWC Volunteer Team