Sri Lanka Fundraising Amalie Brun
I was fairly certain after last year's trip that it was my last. 10 years felt like a nice number to end on. Well it is February, and I have booked my ticket. I was hesitant to post about my fundraising for an eleventh time after all the years of support from friends, family and co-workers, but was encouraged to do so by exactly those people. I have said it before and I will say it again - the support means everything to me especially with all the worthy causes out there. For a second year, we are partnering with a vey special facility - The Navajeevana Rehabilitation Centre - who's community out reach programs have helped us land on some some very meaningful projects for this year's trip. We will be working on two homes of families living with differing forms of disability / exceptionality as well as finishing another room at the Canadapura Children's Home. Throw in all of our educational support and we have a lot of people to help out. As many of you know, as co-leader of the trip, my costs are covered by the organization - one of the few permanent expenses they have. I for one feel it is important to minimize those costs through fundraising, so money can be diverted elsewhere. With little overhead, I can honestly say I know where each dollar raised goes. And no amount is too small.

By dwcadmin