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Lynda is building a house for two homeless children in Nepal.
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About the Campaign

In October, 2017, a DWC team is going to Nepal to build a home for a sibling pair that is currently living in a squalid shelter of tin, wood scraps and sheets. Lynda will be on that team. You can help her get there. Donations of $20 CDN or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

Hi, I’m Lynda from Boulder City, Nv, a transplant from New York, via California and Washington states.  This will be my second project working along side Ray.  I must admit it has been a lengthy interval from Habitat Humanity, Portugal (2005) to DWC, Nepal (2017).

I’ve not been idle, as I’m proud to say I am a RPCV 2009-2011 (US PEACE CORP) having served in Chaiyphum, Thailand and after, working short term with other volunteer organizations both at home and abroad.

Most of my adult life I was an entrepreneur but then decided to see what it was like to receive a paycheck rather than write one.  I went to work for, and retired from, American Airlines, a decision that changed my life.  Having lifetime flying benefits, it is imperative that I use them up before my demise, thus I travel often.  Aside from travel, I enjoy demolition and construction.  My ex says I’m good at both of those but I’m not sure if he means that literally.  At any rate, I’m excited to be part of the team and able to help provide a secure home for a family in need.

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