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On October 7th Richard Srepel and ten DWC volunteers will be traveling to Guatemala on an international volunteer project. You can read more about the October Guatemala trip here or our Guatemala partner Open Windows Foundation here.

Thank you for your donation and we look forward to following up with details on the completed project.


Lopez House Project                    

The benefactor is Nancy Paola Lopez and she is a single mother of 3 children.  (Maria del Carmen is 15 years old, Estefany is 10 years old and Angel, is 7.)   She divorced her abusive spouse two years ago and resides with her parents whose property is just down the street from the Open Windows Office in San Miguel Duenas.

Nancy’s father bakes and sells bread. He has given her a small piece of land, five meters by eight meters, next to the family “home”, which is itself, in poor condition. It is not uncommon for families to try and share their land with their children but it wasn’t until her marriage fell apart that this offer was extended because it was felt she had a career and was married.

Nancy is a nursing aide, a vocation that required two years of additional education after high school.  Working at this job in Guatemala City for the past three years, Nancy supports herself and children earning Q3000 ($400 USD) a month working 42 hours a week.

Often she leaves the home at 3:00 am to work a 24 hour shift and must leave her young children on their own.  She really hopes to build a safe home for her family.

She has saved up enough for 100 bricks and was attempting to build something herself when she approached Teresa from Open Windows to co-sign a loan. Because Teresa is already sponsoring her eldest daughter with an education scholarship and was so impressed with how hard she and her daughter were working to improve their situation, she felt they would be a great candidate for this DWC development project.

She wants build a home to provide better protection from the wind and the rain for her children.  Her current home is various make-shift pieces of scrap lumber with a corrugated roof.  There is no door and only one room with a bed for the entire family.  Her eldest daughter says that her main reason for wanting a new home is, “Night time it is very cold and I wouldn’t be so scared.  Also, it would be a big help for my mother so she won’t worry so much about our safety when she is gone.”

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