Help us improve kid’s health in Nicaragua

The residents of the remote, rural community of El Ojoche, Nicaragua live in extreme poverty. Their local school receives no government funding, and has no access to water or a functional latrine. Many students suffer from malnutrition due to a lack of dietary diversity. We want to make sure they receive enough nutrients and have enough energy to concentrate and be happy in the classroom.
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About the Campaign

Our team of student volunteers will head to this Nicaraguan community in 2018. We are fundraising toward the cost of constructing a latrine as well as establishing a greenhouse project to grow vegetables for nutritional variety.
These projects will have a near immediate effect in improving food security and health. This a step forward in a long-term commitment to help improve community members’ lives, through education and self-sufficiency.
Future benefits include a spinoff income generating enterprise selling surplus produce.
Help us make it happen!

Team members:
Keegan Marchand :: Thomas Onuska :: Brit van Amerom :: Bethany Patricia Mack :: Emily Elder :: Robert Mackenzie Leggett :: Lise van Amerom :: Arjun Dhaliwa l:: Jade Fraser :: Kate Onuska